Broadcaster Emma Freud gets behind Suffolk Day 2018

Emma Freud, picured here switching on Aldeburgh's Christmas lights, has given her backing for Suffol

Emma Freud, picured here switching on Aldeburgh's Christmas lights, has given her backing for Suffolk Day 2018. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR - Credit: Lucy Taylor

Broadcaster and writer Emma Freud OBE has given her backing for Suffolk Day 2018 - describing the county as the ‘most beautiful in Britain’.

Emma Freud in Southwold. Picture: SU ANDERSON

Emma Freud in Southwold. Picture: SU ANDERSON - Credit: Archant

Emma grew up in Suffolk and said she will do all she can to promote the big day.

Interviewed by Mark Murphy on his BBC Radio Suffolk Breakfast Show, Mrs Freud said: “I was brought up here, I brought up my kids here, my dad was brought up here - it is the most beautiful county in Britain.

“It keeps its jewels quite close to its chest I always think.

“It is not a Cornwall with its rolling hills or an oxford with its beautiful dales - it is much quieter, it’s flatter, it’s cooler, it’s more gentle, the people ate kinder the coastlines are more dramatic, the skies are bigger, the food is better, the music is incredible, the arts are wonderful.

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“It is not snobby, it is just the greatest county in this country.”

However, Emma ,whose partner is filmmaker Richard Curtis, said she had been celebrating June 21 for more than 20 years for a very different reason.

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She said: “I was slightly ahead of the game because 21 years before you had your first Suffolk Day. “I celebrated it by giving birth to my daughter on Suffolk Day so its already a special day for me.

“She is my celebration of Suffolk.

“I think it is a great idea.

“I think one of those things we have in this country is we are so brilliantly ironic and we are so laid back by how we approach a lot of things that we forget to celebrate them.

“We don’t make a big enough song and dance about the things that we have because we are British and that is not very British and I just think it is a just wonderful idea to be able to look at where we live and rather than take it for granted as we do every day of the year just to say it’s really unique, it’s a phenomenal county.”

Mrs Freud said she would do all she could to promote Suffolk’s celebrations.

“I will do anything you want apart from riding naked through the town on a horse,” she said.

“Other than that, I’m your woman.”

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