Brothers are cleared of attacking man with knuckle duster at West Meadows travellers’ site

West Meadow, Ipswich

West Meadow, Ipswich

Two brothers accused of pressing a shotgun into a man’s face and hitting him with a knuckle duster while attempting to rob him have been cleared.

Ryan Howard, 24, of Monastery Court, Hadleigh, and Robert Howard, 21, of Main Road, Kesgrave, denied attempting to rob Konrad Butler and possessing an imitation shotgun and a knuckle duster. They were found not guilty.

Ipswich Crown Court had heard the brothers had taken Mr Butler to West Meadows travellers’ site in Ipswich on June 18 at his request. They left when they told they shouldn’t be there. As they left they said they saw Mr Butler in the middle of the road flagging cars down and saw a car pull up on the kerb and Mr Butler approaching it. It was alleged that on the day Robert Howard picked up Mr Butler and drove him to Ryan Howard’s home.

They went to West Meadows as one of the Howard brothers allegedly wanted to look at a horse.

Hugh Vass, prosecuting, claimed while at the site Ryan Howard pressed a shotgun against Mr Butler’s nose and asked him where his money was and accused him of being a “grass”.

Mr Butler was allegedly struck on the back of his head with a knuckle duster by Robert Howard and he was punched on the head.

After falling to the ground Mr Butler allegedly grabbed the brothers’ ankles causing them to fall over. Mr Butler allegedly ran in front of a car in to get help and told the driver he had been assaulted with a knuckle duster and threatened with a shotgun.