Bump parking leaves £1bn dent in wallet

British motorists are facing a £1bn repair bill every year as a result of parking incidents and ‘bump parking’.

Almost one in six drivers admit to regularly ‘ump parking – allowing their car to knock into other parked vehicles or the kerb when getting into or out of parking spaces.

New research from Churchill Car Insurance highlights that haphazard parking is a widespread and costly problem, with 16% of drivers admitting they damaged their car or another driver’s vehicle while trying to park in the last year alone. Of those who footed the bill for the damage themselves, the average repair bill was £328.

The findings indicate that some motorists are so uncomfortable getting their vehicle into a space, they even actively avoid some of the most common parking situations.

One in five (20%) drivers say they avoid parallel parking when possible, while 17% also avoid parking their vehicle if another driver is watching.

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The research also revealed that 11% of motorists avoid parking in multi-storey car parks and a further 8% avoid parking when it’s dark.

The study also found that many motorists have flouted parking restrictions to park in ‘easier’ spaces within the past year:

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10% have parked in parent and child spaces when they haven’t got a child.

9% have parked on double yellow lines.

6% have parked in the middle of two spaces.

5% have parked in a marked disabled bay without having a blue badge.

Steve Barrett, head of Churchill Car Insurance, said: “It could be down to a lack of confidence behind the wheel, or it could be that cars have got bigger and roads have become more congested but, for some reason, motorists seem to be struggling with parking their cars.

“So-called ‘bump parking’ might seem easier at the time, but if it results in some damage to their car, motorists could end up counting the cost later.”

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