Bungalow build blasted by councillors

Councillors objected to the proposed development off Vyces Road Picture: GOOGLE MAPS

Councillors objected to the proposed development off Vyces Road Picture: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: GOOGLE MAPS

Plans to build 10 bungalows on a “very narrow” road in Framlingham have been criticised by councillors and residents alike.

The proposals, put forward by Mr B Frenzel on behalf of Orchid Properties, are for 10 single-story properties in Vyces Road.

Planning permission to build five larger bungalows on the same site was previously granted – against the town council’s wishes – however the plans have since been revisited and an alternative proposal for double the dwellings was filed in December.

In addition to the 10 bungalows, the developer intends to create 22 new parking spaces for residents.

At the full town council meeting on Thursday night, many members of the public expressed their concern about the proposals – arguing that the development could put pressure on parking and endanger the wildlife corridor.

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A number of councillors also criticised what they deemed to be “over-development” of the land.

Councillor John Simpson said: “I am very familiar with Vyces Road – it’s a very narrow road. The pavements aren’t particularly good. I look at ladies bringing their children to school in the morning and quite often they are having to walk on the road.”

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A number of public comments submitted to the town council also raised issues with traffic congestion, as well as threats to wildlife in the area.

Veronica Singleton, of nearby Hermitage Court, said she “strongly” objected to the proposed development.

“This plot of land was never designated for development,” she argued.

“It was disappointing that local wishes were ignored when the original plan was submitted – it would be even worse to increase the amount of development on this site.

“Vyces Road is a very narrow road, already congested by on-road parking, and is not suitable for additional traffic.”

Fellow local resident Karen Maurice added: “There appears to be a garage and parking space allocated to each property but there is no provision for any visitor parking nor allowance for any second or third car for the household as is so typical nowadays.

“I am already concerned that emergency vehicles may struggle to get through and children crossing the road between parked cars is a hazard even before this Woodyard development arrives.

“There are a huge variety of birds and wildlife in this area which will be massively impacted by this development. The new proposal strips all of these trees out specifically to make space for another property, something which I find unacceptable from a wildlife point of view as well as trying to maintain a natural rural feel to the area.

“The town has undergone massive change with larger housing developments and it seems that out every green spot of land and every tree is being sacrificed.”

Summing up, vice chairman Simon Garrett said the council considered 10 dwellings to be “excessive on that land”.

There was unanimous agreement among the councillors that they should object to the proposal.

It will now be considered by the planning committee at Suffolk Coastal District Council.

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