Bury St Edmunds: People woken by midnight blast as vandals blow up bin

A dog waste bin near Raynham Road in Bury St Edmunds has been severely damaged by a small explosion.

A dog waste bin near Raynham Road in Bury St Edmunds has been severely damaged by a small explosion. - Credit: Archant

VANDALS used explosives to blow up a dog bin in what is thought to be the third incident in the same location.

People living in homes near Raynham Road, Bury St Edmunds, said they were woken shortly after 12midnight on Friday, minutes after street lights in the area were switched off.

Council bosses have said the latest incident is “disquieting” and could have harmed anyone passing by.

David Nettleton, independent St Edmundsbury borough councillor for Risbygate, said he believed the incident could be caused by a firework.

He added: “The lid blew off into the field of St Benedict’s School.

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“Last time they had a plastic one there, it blew the whole thing up and scattered everything to the four winds. So we got the glavanised one in its place but they have managed to blow that as well.

He added: “Several Raynham Road residents heard the explosion but couldn’t see anyone running away as the street lights are switched off at midnight. There is likely to be no coincidence in the timing here as this bin appears to have been targeted before after dark.”

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A spokeswoman for St Edmundsbury said: “It is disquieting that anyone would want to set off explosives in a public place like this. The bin has been destroyed and we have removed it. It is not only abuse of public property that concerns us, it is a matter of public safety. This action puts the perpetrators at risk, it could have gone horribly wrong and harmed the innocent.”

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