Bury St Edmunds: Speeding and parking concerns on Mildenhall Road estate and Barons Road


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People from two communities have spoken out as speeding and parking problems plague their streets.

Residents from both the Mildenhall Road estate and Barons Road in Bury St Edmunds raised concerns at Wednesday’s public community tasking meeting of the Bury neighbourhood policing team.

Richard Mortlock from the Mildenhall Road Estate Residents’ Association said parts of the estate suffer as speeding motorists ignore its 20mph limit, while another resident added that young drivers were using parts of the estate as a kind of “slalom course”.

Mr Mortlock said: “It’s not a huge problem at the moment, but it would possibly be quite helpful if SID (speed indication devices) was up there.

“It is a large area and I think people forget that it’s a 20mph limit sometimes.”

Mr Mortlock called for more signs around The Olaves and that it was a particular problem between 8-9am. He added: “Lots of people use it as a cut-through from the west. It’s not residents – it’s people using it at that time of the day to get to work.”

Among the solutions suggested by officers were a speed survey in the area or even a community speedwatch scheme, where volunteers are trained in using a speed gun and enforce speed limits.

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Letters are sent to those caught, while police can take action against repeat offenders.

Issues about parking were raised along Barons Road, where it was claimed that construction workers from the hospital were leaving their vans and lorries along the path.

Officers said they would increase patrols in the area, but that it was a public road without parking restrictions.

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