Visitors and online shoppers asked for their views on Bury St Edmunds town centre

Christmas shoppers hit Bury St Edmunds town centre.

Christmas shoppers hit Bury St Edmunds town centre. - Credit: Archant

Online shoppers and people who visit Bury St Edmunds are being encouraged to take part in a survey in order to help improve the town centre.

People who have ideas for improvements, whether it concerns the shops, transport, or an environmental suggestion then the town’s Business Improvement District (BID) wants to hear their thoughts.

Residents, visitors and those who work in Bury St Edmunds are being asked to participate in an annual study which aims to improve people’s experiences of the town centre. But the views that have been most elusive over the seven years that the survey has been carried out, are those of people who are visiting the town less often. This year the study wants to change that.

The online survey, which takes only minutes to complete, has been commissioned by the BID organisation Our Bury St Edmunds to find out what people really want from the town centre – but equally importantly to establish why those who don’t visit, choose to go elsewhere.

Our Bury St Edmunds chief executive Mark Cordell said: “This year we really want to hear the views of people who may come into town to eat, see a film or a show, or just meet their friends at the pub to find out how we can make the town more attractive.

“Town centres these days are about so much more than shopping – although of course we still want to hear from people who come here to shop as well as those who go elsewhere.

“Our annual survey is a key indicator of how the town is performing and any improvements that can be made.

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“I want this town to appeal to everyone and so this year I’m particularly urging people in the under-35 age group to take part, as this is an age group that in the past has been slightly under-represented in our surveys.”

The research is being carried out by People and Places, an organisation which helps small towns with information and advice on best practice to face the challenges from bigger cities or out of town shopping.

The study can be found at and it will remain open until the end of May.