Bury St Edmunds: Transatlantic meeting for town students

TEENAGERS from the Deep South of the United States joined Suffolk students this week for a game of rugby and a cultural exchange.

The 29 students, all aged 17 and 18 years old, came from Providence High School in Dothan, Alabama.

Their visit was part of a church-based exchange programme.

The students were given hospitality by members of Bury Presbyterian Church, Bradfield and Rougham Baptist Church, Westgate Chapel, Garland St Baptist Church, Horringer Court Community Church and West Row Baptist Church.

Organiser Liz McNeish said: “We are delighted that West Suffolk College invited the American students to spend time on campus. For most of our American visitors this will be their first trip outside the USA.”

Nick Nelson, Head of School, Applied and Social Sciences, said: “Increasing the cultural awareness of students is a key part of contemporary education. This visit allowed our students a brief taste of life in a very different education system. The chance to swap experiences and participate in a new sport will also be a lot of fun.”

During their visit to Bury, the group spent time presenting a puppet display and taking an assembly at Tollgate Primary School, giving a music concert for the residents of Beetons Lodge Home for the elderly and will today be helping run the joint Youth Worship service at Westgate Chapel.