Sizewell C has been given the go-ahead almost 10 years after EDF first floated the idea – but some concerns are still to be addressed.

The concerns flagged to Secretary of State Kwasi Kwarteng range from mitigating the project's effects on issues ranging from habitats for porpoises to traffic on the nearby A12.


Key among the issues flagged for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to keep an eye on is how water will be supplied to the site.

Tom McGarry, head of regional external affairs & development for Sizewell C, said: "For the initial months of the early stages of construction water tankers will come to the site while the desalination plant is being built.

"Once the desalination plant has been built, that's how we will provide potable water on-site during construction.

"There will be a condition about the upper limit of heavy goods vehicles that we can have on the A12. Those tankers will not exceed that peak."


Several concerns about habitats have been flagged to the Secretary of State.

These range from the idea that noise from the construction could affect birds at Minsmere and along the coast, to the project impacting porpoises in the southern North Sea.

The planning inspectorate advises that "additional compensation" may be needed due to habitat disruption, and that more information may need to be gathered on the issue.


Concerns about several roads in the areas surrounding the site have been raised.

In one case, the Secretary of State is asked to consider whether the question of road noise on the B1122 during the early years of construction has been solved to the satisfaction of councils.

In other cases, funding is being sought for a level crossing on the A12 at Darsham. This could come from National Rail or from the Sizewell C backers.

Other concerns

Some concerns raised during the planning process will not be addressed, after the Planning Inspectorate overrode the complainant.

Suffolk County Council bosses had expressed concerns about "the blight of the additional pylons" connecting the new plant to the national grid, an "unnecessary and damaging" car park at Goose Hill, as well as the Sizewell Link Road causing "lasting damage to the environment" if it were left in place permanently.