A proposed power station in Suffolk has met "almost all" the requirements for a site licence, the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has said.

The ONR statement on the site application for Sizewell C, which is separate to planning consent, comes after the decision on whether or not to build the nuclear power plant was delayed again amid the political turmoil in Westminster.

A decision on the planning application for the nuclear plant had been expected on Friday, July 8, but has now been put back to July 20 at the latest.

Last Thursday, Paul Scully, minister at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said the delay was to "ensure there is sufficient time to allow the secretary of state to consider the proposal".

In its statement, published on Monday, the ONR said there are two outstanding matters which require resolution prior to the formal granting of a licence.

The statement read: "The first relates to the current ownership of the land, known as security of land tenure, which is yet to be acquired by the licence applicant.

"The second issue relates to the current shareholder agreement which places control of key policies relating to safety and security with a holding company, NNB Holding Company (SZC) Ltd, rather than the licence applicant, NNB Generation Company (SZC) Ltd.

"Engagement between ONR and the applicant has indicated that plans are in place to address both matters in due course."

The ONR added that when those matters are resolved, a proportionate reassessment of the application will be carried out, focused on the two outstanding matters and "any other relevant licensing issues during the intervening period".

Alison Downes, from the campaign group Stop Sizewell C, said: "The ground is moving under EDF's feet.

"Just in the past week we've been plunged into a contest for a new prime minister, the Sizewell C planning decision has been delayed again, massive contracts have been awarded for cheap quick renewables and France has decided to re-nationalise EDF.

"ONR want to know who the new owners of Sizewell C are going to be and who will own the land, but these cannot be resolved until Sizewell C has planning consent and the investors are known. And we still don't know how much it will cost.

"Given all of these uncertainties, investors should run a mile."

A spokeswoman for EDF said: "We are pleased the ONR has concluded that we have a mature design, the right organisational capability and a suitable site for Sizewell C.

"We look forward to resolving the remaining two licensing issues in due course.”