Hairdressers and beauticians have become vegan and cruelty-free to animals in Suffolk.

Many people who did veganuary this month might not have realised that when they get their nails done or wash their hair they are often using animal products or harm the earth.

East Anglian Daily Times: Luke Hopkins, from the OS, a hair salon based in BrightwellLuke Hopkins, from the OS, a hair salon based in Brightwell (Image: Luke Hopkins/Rosie Bowers)

As Luke Hopkins, from the OS, a hair salon based in Brightwell, says, you need to think of everything, not just food when you become vegan.

Mr Hopkins said: "For us, it's a lifestyle choice, everyone who works at our salons is vegan and I think that's why we're a lot more conscious."

He said those that are environmentally-conscious people need to think about products that are not tested on animals, are plastic-free, from sustainable sources, have a low carbon footprint and are not harmful to the earth.

He said also that people often do realise that a lot of beauty products are not vegan.

Honey is added to a lot of products, lanolin oil is extracted from sheep's wool to be used in a lot of shampoos and conditioners, and biological pigments produced by animals such as lac insects, cochineal insects, murex, octopus, and cuttlefish are used in dyes and popular salon brushes use boar hair.

"You know that feeling when you go to a restaurant that’s vegan or vegetarian when you’re thrilled that you will be able to have anything on the menu?

"And that you don’t have the inconvenience of second checking or questioning things. Like 'can I get that without the dairy?'

"That’s what I’ve done for hair! You don’t have to consider or check anything because I’ve thought of everything."

East Anglian Daily Times: Leanne Marie BeautyLeanne Marie Beauty (Image: Leanne Marie Beauty)

Leanne Marie Beauty's eponymous owner has run a salon based in Henley for 11 years but after she went vegan four years ago she converted the salon into an environmental and vegan salon.

Vegan salons like hers do not use beetle shells in nail gels and beeswax when they do waxing as well a lanolin oil that is also in lash products.

She said: "I have definitely had more people that have been in contact asking and actually more interest and my regular customers have started think of changing there was as well."

Other vegan beauty places in Suffolk include Wild Ginger Health & Beauty in Kesgrave, Emerald Goddess Locks in Ipswich, and the Guiltfree Soapery.

Other non-food vegan businesses that may pique your interest are Pot Gang, which have mail order growing boxes, artisan soy melts the Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium, and the Gallery Box Art at Beach Street, a vegan gallery.