There is a new name in residential lettings in Woodbridge – IP Twelve Lettings.

The new agency has been launched by young businessman Jamie Curran, who has gained his experience in the rental market in Woodbridge and Ipswich over the past few years.

Jamie, 26, originally from Ipswich, gained his experience and knowledge of the rental business working for JSM in Woodbridge, then Leaders in their Ipswich and Woodbridge offices and then latterly for William H Brown in Woodbridge. After school in Ipswich he attended Suffolk College.

He said: “I worked for JSM originally, and then worked for Leaders for a few years in the lettings team in Woodbridge, then went over to the Ipswich office.

“I enjoyed my time there, and I am grateful for what I learnt in my time with them.

“Then I went to work for William H Brown as lettings manager in Woodbridge, for six months, setting up the lettings side of the Woodbridge branch.

“I felt it was time to strike out on my own.

“I have a very good rapport with local landlords, and understand the Woodbridge market.

“I want to give people the level of service I think they deserve, both landlords and their tenants.

“I hope to work together with other agents, I have good rapport with other agents and I think we can work together.

“I also want to help promote other local businesses, through my website. With We Love Woodbridge, local businesses can get together to help each other.

“I hope to develop that.”

Woodbridge remained a property hotspot, he said, and he felt it would remain so whatever happened to the national market.

He said: “Woodbridge is a bubble and will always remain popular.

“Woodbridge has got so much going for it. It is a beautiful area, and property is always in demand.

“I think the rental market is going to continue to grow here.”

“Woodbridge is a bit special.

“Properties out here are always looked after and you always get good value for money.

“Even if the national market slows I still think the Woodbridge market will remain strong.

“There are great golf clubs and sailing on the river.

“It is a very attractive place for buyers, who want to move to the area, and for buy-to-let landlords too.

“Rental prices are strong, for anything from £500pcm up to £2,500pcm.

“As a country we need to build more houses. We haven’t been building enough, so there will always been a demand for rental property.”