Anglian Water seeks budding engineers as it opens its apprenticeship scheme

James Wheedon, electrical technician for Anglian Water

James Wheedon, electrical technician for Anglian Water - Credit: Archant

Anglian Water is searching for the next generation of young engineers who are looking for a chance to earn and learn, whilst gaining a qualification.

Brianika Greenaway, leakage technician with Anglian Water

Brianika Greenaway, leakage technician with Anglian Water - Credit: Archant

Following on from last week’s National Apprenticeship Week, we are calling on budding young engineers to consider an apprenticeship working at Anglian Water; a vital industry for everyone’s daily lives.

We are offering over 60 positions this year, which are available to any engineers who are looking to get their foot on the ladder.

As a water company we have a big requirement for science and engineering skills within our workforce, hiring a large number of apprentices from the region last year into Operational, Maintenance and Engineering roles. We want to build upon last year’s success with another batch of budding engineers to drive our workforce forward into the future.

Even if you’re not an engineer yourself, you might know someone who is. They could be your son, daughter, brother, sister, niece, nephew, grandchild, or significant other. Let them know about the exciting apprenticeships we have on offer and how they could be part of our team.

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Great option

Our apprenticeships are a great option for anyone considering their next move. They can typically last anywhere between 18 months and four years, depending on the type of role, with a mixture of classroom and practical hands-on learning, helping to support our workforce across the region.

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We’re currently recruiting for our 2019 apprenticeships which will start in August and November of this year.

Around a third of our workforce will retire in the next decade and we want to recruit the engineers and technician of the future to give them the right skills and experience to join our business. We were recently voted as Glassdoor’s ‘Best Place to Work in the UK’ for 2019 and we’re sure that by joining us, you would help contribute to our exciting and hard-working team.

Anglian Water's apprenticeship scheme for 2019 is now open

Anglian Water's apprenticeship scheme for 2019 is now open - Credit: Archant

James Wheedon, who recently completed a four-year apprenticeship and is now a qualified electrical technician for Anglian Water, said: “I came out of college at 18 and I wanted to pursue a career in electrical and mechanical engineering. The apprenticeship scheme was really challenging but you get so much out of it and it was great to earn while you’re learning.

“I’m now a qualified electrical technician trusted to work on my own and I really enjoy the role. I can be on standby and I have to respond in an emergency – the last time I was called out it was 1am and a pump was down, I had to go straight away to get it back online. By 5am we got everything working again – that sort of job is a big challenge but really rewarding.”


Another one of our apprenticeship stars, leakage technician Brianika Greenaway, said: “My job is to search a given area for any leaks on our network, which is really important because I find leaks on our pipes, which are not always visible to the naked eye. By finding leaks early, we can prevent pipes from bursting and interrupting our customers’ water supply or causing flooding. It also means we waste much less water, which is vital for the wider environment. Anglian Water is the best in the water industry at tackling leakage, and I’m proud to be part of such a great team.”

James, Brianika and the many others who come through our apprenticeship scheme are such an important part of our business, which is why we continue to invest in their training and development to help them gain valuable and practical skills as well as achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

Not all of the roles have been advertised yet, so keep an eye out on our website for the exciting opportunities that are yet to come. Here’s a list of some of upcoming apprenticeships we have in the Suffolk and Essex area:

Network Technician – Ipswich

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering – Colchester/Basildon/Southend/Chelmsford

Water Recycling (sewage) Process Engineer – Southend/Chelmsford

Sewage Network Engineer – Basildon/Southend/Ipswich

To find out more and apply, visit the Anglian Water careers website and select Apprenticeships. To express an interest in roles that are not yet advertised, please email

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