Christmas in doubt as toy shop boss 'struggling with stock'

The Toy Box in Beccles, Suffolk say that they're struggling with stock in the build up to christmas

Dan Lovett, boss at The Toy Box in Beccles, said that they were struggling with stock in the build-up to Christmas - Credit: The Toy Box

An independent toy shop owner in Suffolk has said that "he's struggling with stock" in the build up to Christmas.

Dan Lovett, boss of the Toy Box in Beccles said: "Business has been good this year, but we're struggling with stock.

"Suppliers can't guarantee much before Christmas. They say that the might have some deliveries around the second week of December, but we're not guaranteeing anything.

"Most parents have already got all of their christmas shopping done by that time of the year anyway."

Playmobile man outside the toy box in beccles

Dan Lovett, boss of The Toy Box said that classic toys are doing best this year, with jigsaw puzzles, board games, lego and pokemon cards being particularlly popular - Credit: The Toy Box

Mr Lovett also spoke about how the pandemic had influenced what toys were selling.

He said: "Nothing's gonna be 'hot' in the way some toys usually are, because we can't be certain on what we can get.

"There have hardly been any trade shows this year —I haven't attended any — so we haven't been able to see what's new either."

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He said old favourites were what was selling now: "Lego and board games are always big at Christmas, while jigsaw puzzles are popular with the older generation. Pokemon cards are also selling really well: it's their 25th anniversary."