Plans for 15-year quarry project revealed to public

Belstead Brockley Wood Quarry site

The project will take up 30 acres of farmland close at Brockley Wood, Belstead. - Credit: Google Maps

Plans for a quarry at Brockley Wood at Belstead have been revealed as part of consultation work before a formal application is made.

Brockley Wood Ventures' plans cover an area of 35 acres of farmland close to Belstead. The site was first looked at for mineral extraction in the 1970s.

Pre-application consultation work took place last month, with presentation documents describing how the project site contains "an estimated three million tonnes of sand and gravel".

They also say that extraction would take place over 15 years, with a "15-year wildlife and landscape management plan to enhance biodiversity" included.

Once extraction is complete Brockley Wood Ventures say that the land will be "progressively restored to farmland".

County councillor Christopher Hudson said: “My constituents are worried and concerned at the environmental consequences of the proposed quarry in this sensitive area, home to badger sets, fauna and flora.

"Additionally, the rumours of thousands of heavy traffic movements through Copdock up Swan Hill and environs will cause a hellish nightmare for quality of life concerns on top of the huge changes planned for Junction 55 at the A12/A14 interchange.

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"Whilst change is inevitable, we must mitigate the detrimental effects on people and the environment.“