Bury St Edmunds-based N2S hails 99.6% recycling rate for computer equipment

Jack Gomarsall, managing director of Network 2 Supplies.

Jack Gomarsall, managing director of Network 2 Supplies. - Credit: Archant

Bury St Edmunds-based computer equipment lifecycle management firm Network 2 Supplies (N2S) last year achieved a 99.6% recycling rate, despite a 23% rise in the amount of equipment it handled to more than 800tonnes.

The figures show that 70,730kilos of equipment was reused and 716,790kilos was recycled, with just 3,295kilos being sent to landfill.

Equipment handled by N2S primarily comes from redundant or decommissioned computer or communications equipment and associated cabling.

Much of the equipment can be refurbished for reuse or resale, which brings a revenue stream back to N2S clients in an environmentally friendly manner.

N2S deals with global vendors’ hardware, decommissioning on client sites to securely transport and make sure equipment is transparently re-used or recycled. Materials regular salvaged by N2S include precious metals such as gold, silver and copper, hazardous materials such as mercury as well as steel and plastics.

Jack Gomarsall, managing director of N2S, said: “We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the pursuit for zero waste technology and to record a figure of just 0.4% of 800 tonnes going to landfill is quite remarkable; this serves as a real testimony of our ‘green’ credentials and our commitment to the circular economy.

“We deliver services which consistently return perceived technology waste back into resource for re-use, which has huge benefits for our clients but also the environment; it is a win, win situation.”