Bury St Edmunds-based recycling firm N2S celebrates zero landfill achievement

IT recycling operations at N2S in Bury St Edmunds.

IT recycling operations at N2S in Bury St Edmunds. - Credit: Archant

IT lifecycle management company Network 2 Supplies (N2S) has recorded the highest possible recycling figure.

Bury St Edmunds-based N2S has improved on last year’s figure of sending just 0.4% of waste to landfill by achieving a rate of zero for the 12 months to the end of Septemer.

During the year, N2S managed to reuse 328 tonnes of equipment and recycle 718.85 tonnes, with the remaining 3.15 tonnes being sent for high temperature energy recovery, feeding into the national grid.

Managing director Jack Gomarsall said: “We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the pursuit for zero waste technology and last year we manage to record a figure of just 0.4% of 800 tonnes going to landfill.

“However, this year, even though we are handling even more material, we have managed to record a figure of zero to landfill which is an amazing achievement.

“Our performance serves as a real testimony of our ‘Green’ credentials and our commitment to the circular economy.

“We deliver services which consistently return technology waste back to maximum reuse, which has huge benefits for our clients but also the environment; it is a win, win situation.”

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The equipment N2S handles comes primarily from redundant or decommissioned computer or communications equipment and associated cabling. Much of the equipment can be refurbished for reuse or resale, which brings a revenue stream back the N2S clients in an environmentally friendly manner.

Materials regularly salvaged by N2S for recycling include precious metals such as gold, silver and copper, and hazardous materials such as mercury, as well as steel and plastics.