Bury St Edmunds brewer Greene King welcomes Scottish 50p minimum price for alcohol

BURY St Edmunds-based brewer and pub retailer and brewer Greene King has welcomed an announcement from the Scottish Government about setting a minimum price per unit of alcohol in Scotland.

Chief executive Rooney Anand said: “We welcome this morning’s announcement that a minimum price per unit of alcohol is to be set at 50p for Scotland.

“Greene King has been advocating the introduction of minimum pricing for some time now to address the long term problems associated with binge drinking and alcohol-misuse health issues, and social disorder.

“As a publican running quality pubs, and a brewer of hand-crafted cask ales, Greene King is committed to ensuring that people continue to enjoy alcohol responsibly.

“We believe that 50p per unit, which has been set by the Scottish Government, will go some way to addressing alcohol misuse problems, while ensuring that responsible consumers are not unfairly prejudiced. “We would like to see the level of 50p per unit set for a significant period of time, in order that a proper impact assessment can be made.”

Greene King operates around 2,400 pubs, restaurants and hotels across England, Wales and Scotland, which include chains Hungry Horse, Old English Inns, Loch Fyne Restaurants and Eating Inn. It has been brewing in Bury St Edmunds since 1799.