Bury St Edmunds/Thetford: National customer care honour for Century Logistics

EAST Anglia-based Century Logistics has been named among the winners at one of the UK’s leading transport award ceremonies.

Century, which has facilities at Saxham, near Bury St Edmunds, and Thetford, won the Customer Care Award at the IFW Freighting Awards.

The fast-growiing company, which operates 400,000 sq ft of warehousing and has expanded its workforce from 110 to 140 in the past year, impressed the judges with its bespoke after sales services.

Century was required to demonstrate flexible and innovative responses to a range of different customers’ needs, how it evaluated its customer care performance and the steps it had taken to improve customer care performance in response to customer feedback.

It was also asked to demonstrate an effective strategy for problem resolution and recognition from relevant local, national or sector organisations, or the achievement of independently accredited quality standards.

“We are delighted to win the Customer Care Award,” said Stephen Basey-Fisher, managing director at Century.

“We know the service we provide is totally unique and it is excellent that we have been recognised for our pioneering work.”

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Century offers a wide range of logistics and customer care services as well at its skills in goods handling and distribution. This enables its customers to focus on their core activities such as manufacturing and selling.

“We do more than just offer warehousing. We like to make our clients’ life as easy as possible so they can focus on their strengths. This partnership allows us and the customer to grow together,” added Mr Basey-Fisher.