Colchester/Bury St Edmunds: Firms enjoy a fruitful partnership

TWO East Anglian firms have joined forces to help launch a luxury Italian paper range.

Colchester-based design firm Silk Pearce and Bruce Head Photographers, Bury St Edmunds combined their creative resources to help a paper manufacturer develop and launch Favini’s new paper range.

The Crush range has just been awarded the 2012 Luxe Pack In Green trophy and named as this year’s most innovative and environmentally-friendly new packaging material.

Crush from Favini is for use in corporate literature, perfumery packaging and other high-value applications.

It incorporates by-products from food manufacturing processes such as citrus fruits, coffee and hazelnuts that would normally go to landfill.

Elements of each different material are visible on the surface of the papers giving a distinctive texture and appearance.

Silk Pearce advised Favini on paper colours and surface finishes, named the range and designed the graphics, swatch and other promotional materials.

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Each of the seven paper colours was named after the residue it contains, such as Kiwi, Olive or Almond.

Bruce Head Photographers took a series of photographs of fruits and nuts being crushed that are used throughout the promotional literature.

Silk Pearce creative head Jack Pearce said: “Crush papers have been produced using an advanced manufacturing process that was first developed by Favini to reprocess algal blooms from the Venice lagoon and incorporate them into paper, rather than sending to landfill. In this case up to 15% virgin tree pulp is replaced with citrus, nut or other process residues.”