Colchester: Fläkt Woods hosts delegation from 20 Keys International Conference

The 20 Keys International Conference delegation at the Fläkt Woods plant in Colchester.

The 20 Keys International Conference delegation at the Fläkt Woods plant in Colchester. - Credit: Archant

Colchester-based ventilation specialist Fläkt Woods has hosted a delegation from the world-renowned 20 Keys International Conference.

Fläkt Woods is among the companies to have adopted the Japan-based 20 Keys International Business Improvement system which defines 20 characteristics that businesses require to stay flexible and adaptive.

Among the visitors to the Colchester site were Dr Yoshi Kobayashi, son of the founder of the 20 Keys system.

The annual 20 Keys conference, held in the UK this year, provides a platform to highlight key initiatives which are making a significant difference to the success of businesses following 20 Keys improvement programmes.

Fläkt Woods provided the delegates with first-hand experience of the company’s continuous improvement in its manufacturing methods.

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Fläkt Woods’ managing director, Allan Hurdle, provided Dr Kobayashi and the delegation with a tour of the facility, highlighting improvements made by the company since the 20 Keys System was introduced. Other topics discussed during the visit included the potential for further advances in the manufacturing methods, plus feedback from the conference regarding Fläkt Woods’ facilities, which were highly praised.

Mr Hurdle said: “The 20 Keys System is an integral element to the success of the facility at Colchester, which is why we continually develop every element of the manufacturing processes. We were incredibly proud to welcome Dr Kobayashi to our headquarters and found his input invaluable.”

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The visit was arranged by access2growth, a leading business consultancy which delivers internationally recognised business improvement programmes.

Also part of the delegation attending the conference and visit to Fläkt Woods was Johan Benadie, managing director of Organisation Development International (Pty) Ltd, who said: “The visit to Fläkt Woods was the perfect end to the week, as it helped remind us again about the importance of continuous operational improvement. The passion from the staff on the shop floor was truly impressive.”

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