Colchester: MP Sir Bob Russell backs Esses FSB Real-Life Entrepreneurs campaign

COLCHESTER MP Sir Bob Russell has signed-up as a “Real-Life Enterpreneur Champion” under an initiative being promoted by the Federation of Small Businesses in Essex.

And signing up alongside Sir Bob at the same ceremony was Bob Baggalley, chief executive of the Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea).

Denise Stocker, Essex FSB representative for Colchester, said: “The Essex FSB Real Life Entrepreneur campaign aims to recognise the local entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our local economy, creating wealth and jobs for our local community.

“To do that we need the right climate for businesses to thrive and our local councils have an important role in ensuring that happens so we are pleased that Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell and Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea) Chief Executive, Bob Baggalley have each agreed to become a Real Life Entrepreneur Champion.”

Real Life Entrepreneur Champions recognise the thousands of hard-working entrepreneurs who support the UK economy, and agree to listen to the concerns of entrepreneurs, to champion their cause and to support the FSB in its endeavours.

Sir Bob said: “Since being elected as Colchester’s MP I have worked closely with Essex FSB which is a strong voice for businesses in the county so I am pleased to publicly commit to work with them as a Real-Life Entrepreneur Champion.

“The four principles are ones I follow in my work on behalf of Colchester businesses and I look forward to working in even greater partnership with Essex FSB as part of this campaign.”

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Mr Baggalley added: “Colbea exists to support Real-Life Entrepreneurs start their own business and to help them grow so they make a positive contribution to the local economy by creating wealth and prosperity.

“By signing up as Real Life Entrepreneur Champions we are making a public commitment to continue support this vital sector of our economy, the people who create jobs and prosperity for Colchester, North Essex and beyond.”