Corton: New owner to invest at Pleasurewood Hills

THE PLEASUREWOOD Hills theme part near Lowestoft has secured a 1.35million euro (�1.14m) investment to purchase new rides and carry out improvements.

The investment comes from new owner Looping Holding, which took over the park in January this year.

Improvements will include updating rides, landscaping, painting, outdoor terraces for the park’s restaurants, new queue lanes and new lighting for its Castle Theatre.

The rides will include a new “mega thrill” attraction, details of which remain secret, which will join the Laser Labyrinth, this year’s new attraction which opens to the public on October 22.

Water saving projects and tree planting to improve the park’s “green” credentials are also among the changes planned.

Work will start when the park closes for winter from October 31, with a total of five new attractions to be in place when it reopens for 2012 on March 31.

Alexis Camelin, the park’s general manager, said: “At Pleasurewood Hills we recognise that there are areas of the park that require improvement and need attention, so this investment will allow us to develop these areas. Plus, as ever, our focus will remain on customer safety and enjoyment.”

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Visitor numbers have remained stable throughout this year, with hopes of an increase in 2012, he added.