Day offers CIPC advice to farms

SPROUT suppressant CIPC will be a key topic at the forthcoming Potato Council Storage Day at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research, near King’s Lynn, on November 29.

It offers a chance to find out the facts and best practice measures that can be taken to give CIPC a viable future in GB potato production, and follows concerns raised at the highest regulatory levels relating to residues of the sprout suppressant chlorpropham (CIPC) being detected above Maximum Residue Levels. “These exceedances could result in the withdrawal of CIPC,” warned the Potato Council’s Mike Storey. “The loss of CIPC would have serious implications for the potato industry - for many businesses there are no alternatives.”

The Storage Day event will be interactive, with both fresh and processing sector experts on hand to answer questions in a ‘Question Time’ style forum where the future of CIPC will be debated along with other industry challenges.

“It’s a ‘must attend’ event for potato and field vegetable producers, store managers, advisors, agronomists, purchasers and retailers,” said Mr Storey.

Practical changes will also be presented, with Adrian Cunnington, the Head of SBCSR, detailing how structural and management changes to potato stores can improve CIPC efficacy.

“Store design, crop condition and climatic factors at the time of application are crucial to achieving the correct airflow, distribution and efficiency of CIPC,” said Mr Cunnington.

“Applications need to be planned carefully so that maximum total dose rates; 36 grammes of CIPC per tonne of treated crop on potatoes destined for the fresh market, and 63.75 g/tonne for processed potatoes – are not exceeded.

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“If good practice is not followed, in terms of both store management and application, the MRL can be exceeded.”

Mr Storey advises that the industry needs to demonstrate it can ensure CIPC exceedances will not continue to occur.

“However, if the industry fails to resolve concerns, then the official body concerned – the Advisory Committee on Pesticides – will have no choice but to recommend regulatory action to ministers.,” he said.

For more information and to book your place at the Potato Council Storage Day event, please visit

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