Powering your future: Diversity is the key to success in the UK’s offshore wind industry

Celia Anderson, people and skills director of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal at RenewableUK

Celia Anderson, people and skills director of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal at RenewableUK - Credit: RenewableUK

This week, we will be running a series of "Powering Your Future" stories focused on the fantastic career opportunities in East Anglia's exciting offshore wind industry. Celia Anderson, people and skills director of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal at RenewableUK, explains the importance of diversity.

Our workforce in East Anglia is set to grow massively in the years ahead, as it’s one of the foremost regions of the UK for offshore wind, with centres of excellence being created in places like Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.   

It’s right that this modern industry should reflect the diversity of talent we have and take steps to attract the widest range of gifted employees: from school leavers, apprentices and graduates, to experienced people with skills readily adaptable to our industry.   

We’ve established a task force called the Investment In Talent Group to help increase the number of skilled people working in our industry. We’ve committed to double the proportion of women we employ to at least 33% by 2030. 

We’ve also pledged to employ more people of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background over the course of this decade by setting a target of at least 9% compared to current BAME representation of 5% in the energy sector overall.

Every year RenewableUK runs a free event called Futures Forum for students to learn about careers in the offshore wind industry. It’s an opportunity for young people and education providers to find out about the career paths into our sector.  

We want to make sure we cast our net as widely as possible to attract talented people from all walks of life to build the clean energy powerhouses of the future. If you’re inspired by our work, you’re welcome to join us on the energy transition.

Front cover of the Powering Your Future supplement

Powering Your Future: How offshore wind is creating new careers in East Anglia - Credit: Archant

Find out more about getting your foot in the door and helping generate the clean green energy we all need for a greener, zero-carbon future that will benefit future generations for years to come in the Powering Your Future supplement, produced in partnership with ScottishPower Renewables.

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