Drive-in cinema to return to Trinity Park for Halloween Spooktacular

Cars parked in a drive in provide by the big outdoor cinema company

Trinity Park's Big Outdoor Cinema returns this Halloween. - Credit: The Big Outdoor Cinema co

The Big Outdoor Cinema is returning to Trinity Park with five days of freaky films. 

Ipswich's only drive-in cinema is returning between 27 and 31 October offering films including Cruella, The Corpse Bride and The Witches. 

For adults, the 2010 remake of the classic slasher film A Nightmare on Elm Street is being screened on October 30,  featuring the hit film's classic villian Freddie Krueger. 

Big outdoor Cinema Spooktacula Setlist

Six Spooky films are on show at the drive in theatre in Trinity Park - Credit: The Big Outdoor Cinema co

Running alongside the cinema is the Trinity Park scare experience, which is open for families until 6pm and adults from 7pm to 10pm. 

This extravaganza offers a haunted house, Halloween woods, a pumpkin processing plant and Robbie, the haunting Halloween Train. While the child friendly experience offers to be "scary and a little jumpy" the adult version is 'dark, scary, and very, very jumpy". 

Big Outdoor Cinema co Halloween scare experience poster

The Halloween Scare experience is available for both children and adults - Credit: The Big Outdoor Cinema co

The experience includes flashing lights, special effects, and stone lights, as well as live actors. While the family event promises them to be "kind loving creatures", the adult experience merely wishes you good luck.