Dunmow hosts first Essex Young Farmers party of year

Essex Young Farmers take part in a public speaking competition.

Essex Young Farmers take part in a public speaking competition. - Credit: Archant

After the festive rush, our members settled into a more relaxed January at the beginning of a new year, writes Beth Speakman.

Essex Young Farmers playing snooker.

Essex Young Farmers playing snooker. - Credit: Archant

The end of the month saw our public speaking competition held at the county building, ably organised by our competitions brothers, Jack and Dave. Public speaking has always been a competition that separates the men from the boys, but never fails to improve our members’ capabilities and it was great to see such an impressive turnout to a competition which has, in the past, struggled to draw members. Well done to those who were brave enough to try something new.

February is set to be filled with food and parties, as Dunmow host the first party of the year which is, of course, a Valentine’s Day celebration with a traffic light theme, to separate the singles from the couples. I am sure there will be a large turnout, with our members being eager to re-enter the Young Farmers party spirit.

In the middle of February, we will be hosting our county ball, the first for many years, meaning plenty of planning and black tie outfits for what is guaranteed to be an incredible night, seamlessly organised by our county wonder woman, Victoria, who has already done a fantastic job of organising our New Year’s Eve celebrations, and is now on to her next mission.

Advertising space is still available for the night, including various display options for our lovely sponsors, so if you would like to purchase advertising space for the evening, please contact the Essex Young Farmers county office at Chatham Green.

Essex Young Farmers Country Show.

Essex Young Farmers Country Show. - Credit: Archant

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