East Anglia: Farmers’ co-op Anglia Farmers offers grants help

Dan Cox, Anglia Farmers

Dan Cox, Anglia Farmers - Credit: Archant

An East Anglian farming co-operative has launched a new service to help rural businesses and farmers gain access to grant funding.

Anglia Farmers (AF) GrantResource is available to any individual, group or organisation requiring help and support to find and apply for sources of funding.

The service offers specialist advice and guidance, including regular updates on relevant grants, a bid review service and lobbying for additional rural funding.

AF GrantResource will also fully manage grant applications, from initial site visits and surveys through to eligibility checks, negotiation with funding agencies and a full application writing service.

AF GrantResource programmes manager Dan Cox said: “Applying for funding can be a complex process requiring resources, knowledge and expertise. It is often difficult to know when and where to look for potential sources of funding and challenging to apply successfully.

“That is why this service has been set up. It is available to anyone looking for funding for a project – anything from water management projects to building works or even funding for staff training.

“There are thousands of grants available nationwide and we can help guide people in the right direction to find potential pots of money which they may be entitled to but which they might not realise are there. They would have to commit a great deal of resource to researching and applying for funding, often with a very low rate of success.

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“While a grant offer cannot be guaranteed, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to give people the best chance of gaining access to funds that they are entitled to.”

AF GrantResource is one of the latest developments at AF. Earlier this year, the group launched AF PRomote, which is a communications and marketing service for its members and suppliers, and the AF Charge Card, which allows members to purchase through non-suppliers on their AF account.