East Bergholt: C I Agents’ ‘green’ oil spills membrane set to be trialled

A SUFFOLK invention aimed at mopping up oil spills is set to be trialled by the UK’s largest utility company, UK Power Networks.

East Bergholt-based C I Agent Solutions has come up with a ‘green’ membrane which may revolutionise the way utility and oil firms dispose of oil and other hazardous liquid waste.

The makers say the invention, which turns waste into solids, is set to save millions of pounds and sizeably reduce potential pollution threats. It was trialled at the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mark Dunk, UK Power Networks’ Civil Standards Manager said: “It’s a legal requirement that we have secondary containment to prevent oil getting into the ground. We’ll be monitoring this carefully and if it’s as good as we hope it is, I will be pushing for us to use it more widely. I’m hopeful this is a really good opportunity for us to save money.”

The membrane is designed and manufactured by the company, and its installation costs are roughly two-thirds the price of the current solution, a concrete “bund” installation.

Managing Director Ross Atkin said: “We are very proud to be working with UK Power Networks in what we expect will be a transforming installation process. It’s a classic win-win for everyone.”

“It’s cheaper to buy, cheaper to install, swifter to install and the end result can be re-used. And most importantly it’s an environmentally sound product involving no harmful waste.”

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C I Agent Solutions is set for sizeable expansion over the coming years and is already selling thousands of another unique product it has designed and introduced to industry over the last year.

Green Rhino is a sediment filtration system which is being used by utilities and civil and highway construction teams in and around site works and water and drainage system. It filters off silt, sediment and hydrocarbons to non-detect levels.

Mr Atkin said: “We have worked long and hard to ensure that we can fit our unique products to industry needs and it is now beginning to show sizeable benefits.”