'It's an escape from normal life' - Check in to new Suffolk escape room

A new escape room has arrived in Sudbury, with an American themed mission and two more different roo

The 'Eerie Motel' is a game based on a 60's American motel on Route 66. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Check-in has now opened on a new motel-themed escape room for those who have what it takes to break free in 60 minutes. 

The latest attraction to land in Sudbury is from Sudbury Escape Rooms after launching their new game, Eerie Motel.

The game is based on a 60's American motel on Route 66, in which players have an hour to find a diamond left behind by criminals.

Manager Lucy Gardiner at new escape room.

Players will be searching for a diamond left behind by criminals. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Director of Sudbury Escape Rooms, Matt Reffell, said: “We’ve had families where kids and their parents and grandparents have come.

“It’s a good thing that everybody can do together.

“You go in there for one hour, and during that hour you completely forget about the outside world, and all you can think about is the task in hand.

“Especially with the pandemic where people have been shut indoors it’s nice to be able to get out and do stuff.

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“It’s an escape from normal life."

The room launched on Saturday, January 22, and is suitable for those aged eight and over, in groups of up to ten people.

Players are searching for the Ragfellow diamond left behind by husband and wife criminals Miles and Judith Russell they hid while on the run from the Mafia. 

The escape room is located on Hamilton Street, and Matt believes that it will add to the local activity options in Sudbury.

He said: “The thing with escape rooms is that people come from far and wide so we think it’ll be a good thing for the town to have in the high street. 

“It brings people in; we get people from all over the place. 

“It’s been received well."

Manager Lucy Gardiner.

Manager Lucy Gardiner at the Eerie Motel. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

Currently, only one room is in operation, however, plans for two further escape rooms on top of Eerie Motel are in motion, with construction already underway.

A group of ten people can have a go at the game for £14.90 each, with the cost slightly increasing if fewer people take part.

More information about the game can be found on the Sudbury Escape Rooms website here:  https://www.knowescape.co.uk/games/eerie-motel/

Outside of the escape room building

The room is located on Hamilton Street. - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND