Essex: Law firm Fisher Jones Greenwood joins QualitySolicitors network

ESSEX law firm Fisher Jones Greenwood has become part of the QualitySolicitors network, which aims to become the UK’s first national brand in the legal sector.

The firm, which has offices in Colchester, Clacton, Chelmsford and London, was chosen for the network amid strong competition and is now operating as QualitySolicitors FJG.

Senior partner Tony Fisher said the move resulted from changes in the legal market, allowing other types of organisation to provide legal services for the first time.

To stay ahead of the competition, QualitySolicitors firms were required to commit to providing the highest possible levels of customer service including a free first consultation and same-day response service.

“We are delighted that our firm has been chosen to become QualitySolicitors FJG and even more so because we have been chosen on the basis of our own clients’ feedback,” said Mr Fisher.

“It is fantastic news for us and for the communities in which we operate. We believe that all areas in which we operate will benefit hugely from having a QualitySolicitors branded firm providing legal services locally.”

He added: “By joining QualitySolicitors we are building a sustainable business and we are confident that our plans for further expansion around Essex will be realised over the next few years.”

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Quality Solicitors chief executive Craig Holt said: “The legal market is going to totally transform over the next couple of years.

“With a range of innovations in the coming months, we will change people’s entire experience of accessing legal services, making it a much easier and more enjoyable process.

“By providing a recognisable and trusted brand name, we will end the need for the time-consuming and often stressful task of having to choose between lots of different local firms.”