Future 50: Cheddar Creative's Cassie Bendall makes Institute of Directors shortlist for Director of the Year

Cassie Bendall of Cheddar Creative

Cheddar Creative's Cassie Bendall has been shortlisted for the Institute of Director's Director of the Year award - Credit: Cheddar Creative

The Future 50 programme is about building networks of good people. A shining example is Cheddar Creative’s founder Cassie Bendall who has made the shortlist for the IoD’s prestigious Director of the Year award. 


The Future 50 programme is supported by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

“I was nominated in 2020, but last year’s awards were cancelled due to Covid,” she explains. “I had to submit a new entry for 2021, which ended up telling a very different story!”

Cheddar Creative creative director Cassie Bendall

As the creative director at Cheddar, clients nominated Cassie Bendall for the Director of the Year award - Credit: Cheddar Creative

While 2020’s pre-coronavirus submission had focused on the Ipswich agency’s first two years of growth, the revised one took into account the impact of the pandemic. “Like all businesses, we’ve had ups and downs," says co-director Rich Wood. “It seemed disingenuous to paint this fairy tale picture, where everything's going swimmingly. I think Cassie’s 2021 submission was much stronger because she talked candidly about how we've had to overcome adversity.”

Why, of the two of them, was Cassie nominated and not Rich? “I’m just the mouthpiece really. I do a lot of the pre-sales stuff, but once we move beyond that stage, Cassie takes over,” Rich says. “We live or die by the strength of our creative output and Cassie - as the creative director - is a more visible presence on that, hence the client nominations.”

Emeg exhibition stand curated by Cheddar Creative

The Cheddar team went to Dubai to support client Emeg at a major exhibition - Credit: Cheddar Creative

It’s Cheddar’s growing reputation for creative solutions that has seen the agency move beyond web design and branding to helping clients with everything from successfully launching a bottled cocktail brand to staging exhibitions in Dubai. The team is currently working on a project to create the ultimate dog collar while also producing a children’s book. 

“There's never a dull moment," says Cassie. “If we’re not busy with client work, we're dreaming up our own creative projects to get our teeth into. I know that, as a team, we can achieve anything.”

For further information, visit www.cheddarcreative.co.uk

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