Future 50: Inawisdom acquired by US data giant

Inawisdom CEO Neil Miles

Inawisdom CEO Neil Miles says the Cognizant acquisition gives the Ipswich-based firm the "backing and firepower" to scale rapidly - Credit: Emma Kindred/Inawisdom

One Future 50 company starting the year with a massive leg up is machine learning and artificial intelligence specialist Inawisdom. The company has been acquired by Cognizant – an American Fortune 500 company with a global turnover of more than $16 billion.

"When we applied to join Future 50, we weren’t in the position we are now,” says Inawisdom CEO Neil Miles. “It’s been an incredible journey and we are so proud to be representing this region, now on a wider, global stage. With the significant support from Cognizant, we can concentrate on scaling the business, employing new people, and really growing it within the region and outside.”


The Future 50 programme is powered by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

The Ipswich-based firm has already grown rapidly. Since being founded four years ago, it now has more than 90 staff and has opened offices in Rotterdam and London. Inawisdom is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Partner, the highest level of accreditation and was also named AWS Machine Learning Partner of the Year for 2020.

“We are now part of a bigger organisation and we’ll certainly look to leverage the value in that,” says Mr Miles. "We will continue to focus on our core – being leading data-analytics and machine-learning experts in Europe – leveraging our fantastic team, our well-established brand and with the continued emphasis on delivering best-in-class deployments for customers”.

“We already had ambitious plans for 2021 but the Cognizant acquisition accelerates them,” he adds, explaining that investment gives Inawisdom, “the firepower, backing and support" it needs to grow.

"We’re a locally-based business so being part of Future 50 as we scale our business even faster is exciting for everybody,” he says. “We’ve got a lot to give to the region and we will look to the region to support us in this exciting next stage, especially in terms of networking and knowledge sharing”.

“People are such a big part of what we do and Future 50 can help us understand how we can collaborate and scale up by working with others,” he concludes.

For more information, see www.inawisdom.com