Future 50: NXTGEN riding high on buoyant market

NXTGEN Recruitment

Annie Howland and Daniel Bacon of specialist accountancy and finance recruiters NXTGEN Recruitment - Credit: NXTGEN

“There’s been a huge change in the job market in the past 12-18 months,” says Jonny Harrison, MD of NXTGEN Recruitment. “As things start unlocking and people start returning to the office, we’re likely to see another slight shift.” 


The Future 50 programme is supported by the partner businesses - Credit: Archant

This hasn’t held back the Future 50 company, which reported its best ever first quarter in 2021 and record-breaking months. This means the Norwich-based firm is looking to recruit for itself. “We’re looking for two more people, possibly a third by the end of the year,” says Mr Harrison.  

NXTGEN works exclusively in finance and accountancy recruitment. "It doesn't matter whether you're in a professional accountancy service or you're a finance professional within industry, we cover both areas,” Mr Harrison explains.  

Jonny Harrison of NXTGEN Recruitment

Jonny Harrison of NXTGEN Recruitment says the market for professional talent acquisition has changed dramatically because of Covid - Credit: NXTGEN

The planned expansion in headcount comes on top of investing in a new CRM system and a move to new offices. “As a business we are a very forward thinking. Recruitment is an ever-changing sector that sees new technologies all the time," Mr Harrison reveals. "We're always trying to stay at the forefront of that.” 

At the moment, the market for professional roles is extremely competitive. “It’s what we would call a candidate-short market,” he explains. “There are more job opportunities available than there are professionals actively seeking new roles. Many employers are also recruiting for the same skill sets so there’s increased competition between employers as a result.”  

“Also, there’s a been a big push on employee engagement, making sure people are okay while working from home, which has helped a lot of individuals feel more connected with their business.” 

This kind of market lets specialist agencies stand out. “We should be facilitating growth of clients we work with,” says Mr Harrison. “We should be able to find them excellent talent, that add value and help the organisation achieve its financial and company objectives.” 

For more information, see www.nxtgenrecruitment.co.uk

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