Gallery: Exclusive sneak peek inside former Burton’s building on Ipswich Waterfront

Interior of the old Burton's building on the Ipswich Waterfront.

Interior of the old Burton's building on the Ipswich Waterfront. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

Our photographers have been given an exclusive sneak peek into the derelict interiors of the former Burton building on the Waterfront.

The abandoned warehouse has stood empty for more than 20 years before Ipswich Borough Council acquired the site for £210,000 last month from the Treasury Solicitors.

Filled from front to back with concrete, metal and rubble, the former confectionary firm’s warehouse looks like it has seen better days.

And remarkably, some of the details inside which remain provide a fascinating reminder that Burtons was once a thriving part of the Ipswich port. Phone extension numbers still line the walls, dirty mugs are stacked on the side and instructions for lorry deliveries are still in tact.

But despite its war-torn look, the future is promising for this once bustling building. Council leader David Ellesmere, said: “What we are looking at is a major redevelopment so we get a stunning entrance into the Waterfront – something we can all be proud of.

“Given the derelict nature of the site, the neighbouring businesses and residents will welcome that there is going to be some movement on the building.”