Government needs to support winners, Suffolk Chamber of Commerces tells Vince Cable

Vince Cable at a busienss leaders' dinner

Vince Cable at a busienss leaders' dinner - Credit: Archant

Suffolk business leaders called for better infrastructure and skills training for the county when they met with business secretary Vince Cable this week.

Members of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) drove home the message that the Government needs to ‘back winners’ as it put the case for more support for the county.

Businesses told Dr Cable at the meeting at the House of Commons that Suffolk is one of the few counties in the UK that is a positive contributor to UK plc, putting more money in than it takes out.

Chamber president Sarah Howard, who chaired the event, said the group was clear about the issues that needed addressing in the county when they met the minister.

“While we, of course, appreciate the pressing demands of other regions in the UK, it is paramount the Government understands the key role Suffolk has on the nation’s economy,” she said

“They need to back winners and by making more investment, not less, in Suffolk, the whole Exchequer will see the benefit of more revenue and more taxes coming in.”

LEP chair Mark Pendlington said the meeting that his organisation was working in partnership with the chamber and business leaders to ensure the Government is aware and invests in us in the future.

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“We have bold plans to reinforce Norfolk and Suffolk’s place in the global economy,” he said.

“This means new roads and better transport links, greater training and skills for the region’s youngsters, targeted funding and support for small businesses.”

Dr Cable admitted there was work to be done to improve skills training.

“We have to be honest and say that government after government has failed on careers advice and support in schools,” he said.

“There has to be more done to look at skills gaps and vocational training and guidance. Business needs to go into schools.”