Hadleigh: Safety review for agricultural show

The Hadleigh Show is at Holbecks Park on May 18

The Hadleigh Show is at Holbecks Park on May 18 - Credit: Archant

IMPROVED safety measures will be put in place at a popular agricultural show following a tragic incident that occurred at a country fair near Bury St Edmunds in 2011.

An inquest held last October found that Carole Bullett, 57, died from injuries she sustained when a runaway horse pulling a carriage bolted into crowds at Nowton Park Country Fair.

Organisers of the Hadleigh Show, which will take place on May 18, say, while they have never offered public horse and carriage rides, they have reviewed livestock enclosures and arrangements for public access to animals after the Nowton Park tragedy.

The show’s secretary, Janie Barbiaux, said: “Unfortunately, many people still don’t really understand the possible hazards of livestock and equines.

“So we have re-looked at all of our areas this year to improve safety and make sure animals are kept so the public can get close enough to have a look while making sure that the livestock are barriered and secure.”

Show organisers have consulted health and safety experts, inclduing Mid Suffolk Safety Advisory Group, which deals with big public events in the district.

Ms Barbiaux added: “They seem happy with what we have done and we are confident we have reduced the risk as much as possible.”

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The Hadleigh Show is likely to have a “woman’s touch” this year, as all three pivotal posts are being held by women. Nicola Currie is the first ever female chairman of Hadleigh Farmers Agricultural Society; this year’s show director is Clare Lock and Janie Barbiaux has again taken the role of secretary. They will be backed by a team of more than 180 volunteer stewards.