Halesworth: Jim Bacon to forecast the future of weather forecasting at farmers’ evening

THE potential to predict the weather well beyond media forecasts will be explained by Jim Bacon from Weatherquest when he speaks to a farmers’ evening organised at Halesworth on Wednesday, April 18.

“Given the effect of the weather on farming over the last two years, this topic is sure to create a lot of interest,” said Brian Bale, partner of Lovewell Blake, which is organising the meeting at Halesworth Golf Club in conjunction with Suffolk Coastal NFU.

“Developments in computer modelling make so much more information available for weather sensitive businesses like agriculture. This extra detail can really help make those difficult decisions when the weather is ‘catchy’.

“New forecasting products give valuable insight into the longer range time periods of ten days to one month for strategic planning of irrigation – a particularly critical aspect at the moment.”

Jim Bacon has been a meteorologist for 35 years and has worked in a wide range of forecasting from aviation to marine and the media.

Since 1978 he has been one of the public faces of meteorology, appearing on national and regional TV, and he now splits his time between forecasting and broadcasting and running WeatherQuest, where he is managing director.

The last Halesworth farmers’ meeting on trends in land prices attracted nearly 100 people. Next week’s event begins at 7.15pm for a 7.30 pm start, and places can be reserved by contacting Brian Bale on 01986 873163 or e-mail b.bale@lovewell-blake.co.uk .