Haverhill: Tempower plays key role in Chime for Change charity concert headlined by Beyoncé


Power equipment rental firm Tempower has supplied the power distribution and cable and cable protection for a major charity concert at the Twickenham stadium in London.

The Haverhill company supplied the equipment to client Mike Ellen of MPE Power Solutions who was working on the Chime for Change event, featuring artistes including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine and Iggy Azalea.

He sub-rented a generator package consisting of two 300 kva sets for broadcast power and six 500 kva sets for main stage power, all synchronised. These were supplied by Powerhire, part of the TGC group based at Rochester.

Tempower supplied the cabling and distribution for all the production and broadcast power including nine 400amp five wire sets of power locks feeds for the main stage alone.

The equipment supplied included 450 heavy duty cable ramps, 100 of Yellow Jacket 5 channel AMS system, 8,000m of power lock cable, 4,500m of standard Ceeform cables, and over 30 distribution units ranging from 3,200amp down to 32amp.

In total, Tempower supplied just over 34 tonnes of kit for the power distribution alone for the concern, one of many major events in which it has been involved.