Ipswich: Cash in on your technology at Swap It For Cash

Ian Bacon in his new shop, Swap it for Cash, in Eagle Street, Ipswich

Ian Bacon in his new shop, Swap it for Cash, in Eagle Street, Ipswich - Credit: Contributed

THERE is many a successful business that has grown from humble roots; from market stalls and the like.

Ipswich businessman Ian Bacon, known to his friends as “Streaky” has opened his new shop, Swap It For Cash, in Eagle Street, Ipswich.

Ian began buying and selling DVDs and technology such as consoles and games, over the internet before opening a small shop on Sundays at Mannings Felixstowe market

“It went well,” he said, “trading just on Sundays and online, so now I have moved to Ipswich and opened my first shop, in Eagle Street.

“I like Ipswich because there is a lot of competition here; the likes of HMV, Cash Converters, Game and CEX, and that means a lot of customers too.

“I love to barter with my customers, so I think I can usually beat the opposition on price.”

Ian buys and sells consoles, iPads and iPods, TVs, Blu Rays and mobile phones but does not lend money, unlike some of his opposition.

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“The first day I opened the shop here I made a profit and that is the way I aim to continue.

“We are just off the main streets so our overheads are lower than some of our competitors.”

He said: “There is a lot of demand for nearly new games and customers can buy a game or DVD, then bring it back and sell it to me, so it is like a low cost rental.

“The location here is very good with the large numbers of young people who pass on the way to and from the college.”

He said electrical items were checked and guaranteed. Also, for security reasons, sellers had to provide proof of identity and confirm they were the owner of any items they brought to sell.

Longer term, Ian hopes the model will be able to grow, with other branches in nearby towns in Suffolk and Essex, with those operated by other owner/managers.