Ipswich: Jackson Civil Engineering reveals £17m-worth of Olympics contracts

An aerial view of the Olympic Park during its construction
Photo: Anthony Charlton

An aerial view of the Olympic Park during its construction Photo: Anthony Charlton - Credit: Archant

JACKSON Civil Engineering has revealed that it was involved in nearly £17million-worth of projects for the London 2012 Olympics.

Strict “no marketing rights” clauses in its contracts have prevented the Ipswich firm from disclosing its work until now.

Jackson was involved in seven infrastructure projects for the Olympic Delivery Authority, the largest being the construction of foundations, roads and drainage for the temporary waterpolo venue on the Olympic Park at Stratford.

The 120 X 50-metre-wide structured, which could seat 5,000 people, is to be dismantled and reused in other major sporting events.

Another project for Jackson involved constructing a temporary floating bridge across Royal Victoria Dock to provide access for spectators to the ExCel Exhibition Centre which held events such as boxing, weigh-lifting and fencing.

The floating bridge was made out of shipping containers filled with polystyrene blocks, and was an innovative design that could be fully recycled once the games were over.

Colin Rowe, Jackson’s project manager on the waterpolo job, said: “Working on the Olympic Park was a real honour.

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“At first, it felt just like any other construction job but towards the end, when the park started to take shape, we felt really proud to have been a part of it and it was great to go back as a spectator, seeing all those people make use of the stadium we’d built. We even managed a cheeky swim in the waterpolo pool before it was handed over.”

Under the Olympic Delivery Authority’s Supplier Recognition Scheme, Jackson has been designated an official supplier of “Civil Engineering and Construction Services” to the games, due to it’s contribution to several projects both on the Olympic Park in Stratford, and at other games venues across the country.