No third line of pylons pledge as public has say on power link in south Suffolk

James Cartlidge on powerlines

James Cartlidge, right, with local residents on the route of the proposed power lines. - Credit: Office of James Cartlidge

Residents will have their say on proposals to build a new power cable from Bramford to Twinstead later this month - after local MP James Cartlidge was told there was not likely to be a further expansion on the route.

Proposals to build two lines of high-power lines on pylons from Bramford, near Ipswich, to Twinstead, near Sudbury, were first published by the National Grid nearly a decade ago.

After major concerns were raised locally part of the cable through the most sensitive part of Constable Country is set to be buried underground - but there are still worries about the plans.

The plans include building a new 400 kV electricity link between Bramford substation and Twinstead - 19km of overhead line and 10km of underground cables. National Grid would also remove around 27.5km of existing smaller pylons.

People wanting to find out more about the plans can see full details on the official website for the project for two months from January 25. 

Liam Walker, project director for Bramford to Twinstead, said: “This reinforcement between Bramford and Twinstead is essential to carry more clean energy to homes and businesses across the UK, and to help the country reach Net Zero by 2050.

"We thank everyone who has already commented on our plans, and we are looking forward to sharing our updated proposals and receiving further feedback."

Early last year National Grid said it was looking at longer term plans to build a new power cable from the north Norfolk coast to Tilbury (known as ATNC) on the River Thames and there were fears this could include yet more pylons between Bramford and Twinstead.

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However, after talks with the company, Mr Cartlidge was told that there would be no need to build a third row of pylons for this long-distance route.

He said: “I am very pleased to receive this assurance which should bring some relief to those living in villages along the Bramford-Twinstead pylon route.

"It would not be reasonable to open the consultation on Bramford-Twinstead without prior knowledge on whether the ATNC route was going to be incorporated into it.

"Although there are still many unknowns about the route of ATNC, which will presumably have to come through South Suffolk from Bramford at some point, this is positive news for those living near the existing Bramford-Twinstead powerlines, who have enough to deal with in the current consultation without considering even further development.

"I would encourage all interested parties to contribute fully to the Bramford-Twinstead consultation when it opens at the end of January.”