New farming event focuses on soil, water and being profitable

Dr Tony Wilson, who is organising a Soil, Water and Precision Day at Otley

Dr Tony Wilson, who is organising a Soil, Water and Precision Day at Otley - Credit: Archant

Suffolk is set to host a major new farming event organised by Easton and Otley College and the Felix Cobbold Trust.

The Centre of Contemporary Agriculture’s Soil, Water and Precision Day on April 29 at Stanaway Farm, Otley, will focus on how data and knowledge can help farmers make better decisions and improve their profitability, while keeping their soils fertile and their environment uncontaminated.

The event, which will be free of charge, will feature field demonstrations of drainage systems and the impact that cultivator time design can have on soil structure.

Technology available to farmers is moving forward at a rapid pace and the data that can be collected economically and precisely now gives farmers completely new opportunities to manage soils and crops.

At the same time, research is providing new knowledge on the effects of tillage on soil structure and organic matter, as well as economic and effective approaches to water management.

In the Precision Farming Hall, companies using GPS, aerial photography, drones, remote sensing, and data interpretation and management will be showing off their products and services as well as dealing with specific queries from farmers.

A panel of expert speakers will address pressing issues and provide guidance on how to use technology and research findings in day-to-day farm decisions that will improve efficiency and profits today as well as ensuring a thriving business for generations to come. John Taylor, farm manager for the Felix Cobbold Trust, said: “I am very excited to be holding this innovative event at Stanaway Farm. Farmers will be able to see the very latest technology up close and be able to talk to the specialists offering new services.

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“They can quiz them and find out how these new methods can work with everyday farm practice. I expect farmers to leave the day with clear ideas about their next developments and how to keep up-to-date.”

Organiser Dr Tony Wilson of Easton & Otley College said: “This event presents an incredible opportunity for us to get technologists, farmers and, critically, students of agriculture in the same space.

“It also indicates that Easton & Otley College is determined to support this incredible industry of ours not only through the provision of high quality education and training, but by enabling people with a passion for improving our agricultural systems to meet together and talk to share knowledge and ultimately try and make things better.”

The technical event is supported by Fram Farmers and RuralAdvice Ltd.