Plastic coatings firm staff pull out all the stops to keep up with protective equipment demand amid crisis

Managing director Peter Llewellyn-Stamp and Peerless personnel wearing the visors Picture: STEVE WR

Managing director Peter Llewellyn-Stamp and Peerless personnel wearing the visors Picture: STEVE WRIGHT - Credit: Archant

Staff at a firm which makes anti-microbial door handles have been working flat-out after branching out into other protective equipment to help frontline staff during the coronavirus crisis.

Martyn Bromley, chairman of Peerless Plastics & Coatings Ltd in Thetford, said his team had developed a range of protective face visors coated with its an anti-microbial formulation which wipes out bacteria, as well as certain viruses, including some of the corona family.

“We were early into that sector several months ago with anti-microbial door handles,” he said.

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“We are also able to extend the door handle technology to other surfaces. We have produced plastic sneeze guards and protective partitions and screens to safeguard people working at shop tills, or to protect those working in open-plan offices or similar environments.”

“Both our companies have had staff working long hours and weekends to help the health care sectors as well as to keep up with demand generally,” he said.

Distribution business AFS Supplies Ltd – which is also owned by Mr Bromley and is based in Thetford – has been supplying all types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and more recently has added anti-bacteria hand wash and 70% alcohol gel for hands to its portfolio.

Mr Bromley believes that the firms could do considerably more, and ramp up capacity to help make more protective equipment during the crisis.

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“We would want everyone to know we are there with product to help current situations and willing to change direction to develop appropriate new products as requirements or trends dictate,” he said.

Peerless Hygiene Guards are designed to protect frontline key workers and are hard-coated for easy cleaning and longevity. The company also offers an anti-microbial hard coating product suitable for a range of sectors including healthcare, retail and industry.

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