Police accounts reveal £130k ‘golden goodbye’ to former employee

Suffolk Constabulary headquarters in Martlesham Heath Picture: SU ANDERSON

Suffolk Constabulary headquarters in Martlesham Heath Picture: SU ANDERSON

A Suffolk police employee received a redundancy package worth more than £130,000 in the last year, annual accounts have revealed.

The six-figure payout was among 20 exit packages valued at £580,000 in the Chief Constable's statement of accounts for 2018/19 - up from £402,000 the previous year.

The costliest package - one of 18 compulsory redundancy payouts - was documented as being worth £151,000, since adjusted to £131,247, comprising about £14,000 in redundancy compensation and £117,000 in compulsory additional pension payments.

The TaxPayers' Alliance called the payout a "clear case of pensions inequality".

Most of the sum is understood to account for additional pension payments covering years between redundancy and retirement.

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Only the £14,000 would be paid in a lump sum, with the rest due to be paid out over several years.

The former employee has not been identified, but is not thought to be an officer, as regulations prevent them from being made redundant unless they have full pensionable service records and are required to retire in the general interests of efficiency.

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A spokesman for the force said: "An exit package for a Suffolk Constabulary employee given compulsory redundancy in 2018/19 totalled £131,247.

"This comprised c£14,000 in redundancy compensation plus c£117,000 in compulsory additional pension payments."

In July, consultation closed on proposed regulations for a £95,000 public sector exit payment cap.

More than 1,600 workers received more than £100,000 upon leaving public sector roles 2016/17, costing a total of £198 million.

The civil service, local government, police, schools and the NHS are included in a first round of implementing the cap.

James Roberts, political director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Taxpayers will be shocked that Suffolk police have been caught red-handed dishing out such massive golden goodbyes.

"With our research showing people in the public sector will retire on pensions nearly three times larger than those joining the private sector, this seems a clear case of pensions inequality.

"Most hard-pressed taxpayers could only dream of something like this police payout.

"The government needs to press ahead with its promised cap, so it can throw the book at massive payouts like this in future."

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