Suffolk: Clean energy wages outperform the rest of the country

Clean energy wages are out stripping the rest of the country

Wages in the clean energy sector are doing better than the rest of the country - Credit: PA

Wages in the ‘clean energy’ sector in the eastern region are outperforming the rest of the country, according to the latest figures contained in a skills report. 

The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Local Skills Report reveals that the average salary for clean growth jobs is 25% higher in Norfolk and Suffolk compared to the economy-wide average.  

The report stated that organisations were committed to addressing the labour market shortage through a combination of automation, reskilling, and attracting talent to learn and work in the two counties.  

The aim is to unlock private sector investment in the workforce and support providers to respond quickly and in a hands-on way to address the long-term needs of people and businesses. 

The report also revealed the unemployment rate was hovering around 3.8%, down from a peak of 5.6% in May 2020, but higher than the pre-pandemic rate of 2.6%.