Saxmundham: Town still unclear on future of empty shop units

UNCERTAINTY still surrounds the destiny of three empty retail spaces following their construction in a Suffolk town.

The premises are part of a development of four units in Saxmundham – the largest of which opened as a Tesco store two months ago.

In February, developers Reef Estates Ltd said it was in talks with a number of other firms interested in taking up the vacant spots, but all three remain unoccupied and residents remain unensure.

Reef Estates, which sealed planning permission for the build in April 2010, would not comment on whether or not the empty units had been taken up, or by which companies, but said it could be up to a month before they are filled.

Rumours have been multiplying around the town regarding the future of the units, which are located on redeveloped land opposite the Waitrose store in Church Street. Suggestions of a fast food chain were contradicted by Reef Estates in February but there has yet to be any interior work carried out on any of the buildings.

Saxmundham town councillor, Don Tricker, said: “The town’s developing sense of vibrancy has been slowed by these three units sticking out like sore thumbs.

“Tesco has settled in and rumours are still flying around about the other sites. I’ve heard everything from a charity shop to a bookmakers.”