Semer: Young people’s farming insight at food and farming student day

YOUNG people are set to be given an insight into farming at a popular annual event later this month.

Food and Farming Student Day event, which takes place at Hollow Trees Farm, Semer, near Hadleigh, on June 20, is aimed at inspiring teenagers about the agriculture and food industry - one of Suffolk’s biggest business sectors.

Farmers and food producers from across the region will be turning their hands to teaching as part of the quest to increase knowledge about farming and food production among young people.

It is jointly organised with Suffolk Education Business Partnership, Suffolk Agricultural Association and Otley College, and is made possible by a grant fund from Chadacre Agricultural Trust.

“We are delighted to support the Food and Farming Student Day,” said Lord Iveagh of the Chadacre Agricultural Trust.

“Despite the fact that Suffolk is so rural, there are still lots of children and students who have little idea about what goes on in the countryside and how the food on their plates has been farmed, processed, packaged, distributed and marketed.

“Anything that Chadacre Agricultural Trust can do to raise awareness of this exciting and vital part of the economy will help the farming and the food industry in the future.”