Stokes squeezes in new product format

STOKES Sauces, the brand of Suffolk-based Essfoods, has launched four of its best-selling products in user-friendly squeezy bottles.

Stokes Real Mayonnaise, Stoles Real Tomato Ketchup, Stokes Real Brown Sauce and

Stokes Real Chilli Ketchup are all now available in the new format, in a move designed to give the brand greater exposure in the supermarket and foodservice sectors.

The firm’s 75 products in glass are already established in independent fine food retailers such as delis and farm shops with a limited distribution via the fine food shelves of larger multiple retailers.

Stokes owner and managing director Rick Sheepshanks said: “For six years now, Stokes and its sister brands have been found in fine food outlets. The independent retailer remains an important focus for the company’s future.

“However, with 75 individual products on offer through these specialist shops and online offerings, we believe it will benefit these independent to have the Stokes brand and the quality it stands for, more widely recognised.”

He added: “We believe this format complements the wider range of products found in the independents and that it is a ‘Win Win’ situation for everyone concerned.”