Nightclub's New Year boost not hampered by Covid pass issues

Beth Hurley, who manages Club Infinity in Sudbury

Beth Hurley, who manages Club Infinity in Sudbury - Credit: Club Infinity

Ringing in the New Year didn't go to plan for up to 100 revellers at Infinity Sudbury, who had to be turned away because they could not present Covid-19 passes. 

The East Street nightclub had seen pre-sales for its New Year's Eve Decadance party match 2019 levels in only four days, much to the amazement of staff. 

But a lack of understanding about Covid passes led to some issues for walk-in patrons and owner Beth Hurley said that the refusal register showed between 80 and 100 party-goers were turned away. 

She said: "There's not as good understanding regarding Covid passes, which meant I think between 80-100 people weren't allowed just on that basis, which is a lot. 

"We have a Covid member of staff allocated with helping people doing their passes - downloading them or uploading lateral flow results. People do turn up with physical negative tests and we help them upload and get the text or email confirmation. 

"There were people that were prepared and aware of what's going on were clued up but we were lower than expected because of Covid pass issues. 

Infinity in Sudbury Picture: GOOGLE MAPS

Infinity in Sudbury Picture: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: GOOGLE MAPS

"Our ticket sales were really strong and matched 2019 - and we'd really only had four days to sell the same amount of tickets we usually do over three months. We were amazed.

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"It was a successful night because pre-sales were so strong; had they not have been it might have been different. 

"But it went well, it was a good night, everyone enjoyed themselves and got to see out the year and see what 2022 brings." 

Despite the issues, being able to welcome guests was "a bonus" for Infinity Sudbury - as staff had "a strong belief we wouldn't be open". 

Stock for the party was not delivered until yesterday, so uncertain were organisers that the event would be able to go ahead. 

"It was a great relief. We're grateful to be open. Anything compared to last year is a bonus and the night did perform as well as 2019 but it would have done better had the Covid passes not been in place."